Reading the Alphabet

Just for fun I thought I would read my way through the alphabet, starting on the last fiction shelf at the library with the authors whose names start with Z and working my way back to A. Even though I could probably do it in a year, I want to take my time, linger on a letter when the books look good, move on when they don't. Most of all I just want to have fun....and hopefully stumble upon some serendipitous finds. Let me know your favorite alphabetical reads!

From the Z Shelf:  Zeltserman (Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein)*
 From the Y Shelf: Yoon (Snow Hunters)*      
                             Young (My Enemy's Cradle)
From the X Shelf: Xi (Notes on the Mosquito)
From the W Shelf: Willett (The Writing Class)
                            Watson (Before I Go To Sleep)
From the V Shelf: VanLiere (The Good Dream)*
From the U Shelf: Umrigar (The Story Hour)
From the T Shelf: Tanner (Vaclav & Lena)*
From the S Shelf: Schmitt (Three Women in a Mirror)
                            Salerni (The Caged Graves)*
From the R Shelf: Robotham (Say You're Sorry)*
Ratner (In the Shadow of the Banyan)*
From the Q Shelf: Quinn (The Last Aloha)
From the P Shelf:  Pamuk (The New Life)
From the O Shelf:  Olson (Hidden)
Olshan (Marshlands)*
From the N Shelf:  Norwich (My Mrs. Brown)*
From the M Shelf:  Majmudar (Partitions)*
McHugh (Arrowood)* .
From the L Shelf:  Lehane (Murder at the 42nd Street Library)*.
Laukkanen (The Watcher in the Wall)

(The novels above marked with a red * are my favorites.)
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  1. How cool--I love this idea. Maybe I will have to borrow it, if you don't mind?

    1. Go for it! I'd love to know your bookish alphabetical finds. Plus, it's a lot of fun. :)